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In My Country Post Productions



We cover whole post production process from editing, grading, 3D and compositing up to sound design and mastering. At our facilities in Prishtina we make your project look and sound better – or as we say here, Fortë.<br /> *Alb. Fortë: something which is strong, wholesome and the best.


In My Country Post Productions is operating a number of industry recognised suites – Da Vinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, Avid, Grassvalley’s Edius and Final Cut. Our Offline systems are connected to shared storage servers providing maximum flexibility and security. High speed infrastructure allows instant integration of offline data and metadata with our Grading and Online Tools.


At In My Country Post Productions facilities we have two purpose built DaVinci Resolve 14 studio suites equipped with Blackmagic control panels providing REC709 and DCI compliant grading for any format – HD, 2K, 4K and 8K. Our main grading room is equipped with a DLP P3 DCI projector and Digital Surround System.


Our sound facilities provide cinema sound mixing for all scales of production, from feature films to TV and other media.


Exporting files and mastering have become very diverse processes, dependent on the input medium and post-production technology at hand. Be it deliverable’s for cinema screenings, television screenings or internet and mobile media files, we have all the necessary high-performance tools to produce your end-products regardless of format or resolution.